Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Snowy Landscape and Angel Hand Print Card

Today was all about making simple Christmas collages. Christmas seems to be an endless source of crafty inspiration, probably because there is such a brilliant range of colours and shades (monochrome white or red/green, sparkle), shapes (round baubles and snowmen, triangular trees, hexagonal snowflakes, stars), sensations (fluffy snow, cold ice, spiky holly), smells (pine needles, cinnamon, anise, ginger)... Collages could involve any of these and, as abstract as they might be, one would always recognize the Christmas spirit in them. Our theme of the day was a snowy landscape. I mixed some PVA glue with white paint and a little water; I put on the table lots of silver glitter, some cotton wool and the cut-out snowflake shapes we had left over from the Craft Workshop last Saturday.

I started painting Lilo's hand so he could make some hand prints on some black card paper. He enjoyed seeing the white impression of his hand on the black card, sliding his fingers in the paint and sprinkling everything with silver glitter.

Lilo painted his own hand as well and painted the paper using the brush too. He then explored the cotton wool and tried to shake it off his hands, where it had got stuck, as they were covered in the paint and glue mix.
Lilo paints his hand to make a hand print
 Some snowflake shapes were placed onto the landscape.
Lilo sticks some snowflakes onto his landscape

Glittery blizzard

Sticky hands and cotton wool

A finished snowy landscape... brrrr!
Some of the hand prints looked so dainty, all covered in silver glitter, that I cut them out and made them into snow angels, by sticking a little bit of cotton wool at the top of the picture for hair. Lilo glued them on some blue card and we will use these for some of our Christmas cards (still to be sent!!!).
Lilo puts glue on the back of the cut-out angel hand print
Lilo's angel hand print card

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