Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pretty Christmas Lights

Day 4
Today is the day when we went to see the lights in town, to be precise the turning on of the Christmas lights in our area of town. There were jolly bagpipers, sweet carol singers, a marching brass band, a drumming samba band, hot mulled wine and of course, a huge Christmas tree with lights.

All this under a light sprinkling of snow for extra Christmas spirit.

And what did the boys make of it? Well, Ju was fast asleep in the buggy and neither the loud beating drums nor the pipes could rouse him. But Lilo thoroughly enjoyed the lights appearing on the tree and loved the music.
Lilo listens to the local primary school  carol singers and watches the Christmas tree
 lights being turned on
Ooh! The pretty lights!

 This morning, Lilo and I also made some dried orange slices to hang on the tree, following instructions on Red Ted Art's page.

We fitted ours with cinnamon and star anise and tied red ribbon to hang them up. Lilo enjoyed tasting the cinnamon sticks and took a bite from the dry orange skin. The orange slice decorations really smell and look great! And so easy to make too.

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