Friday, 14 December 2012

Clever Christmas Cards

Oops, we still haven't sent any Christmas cards! That explains why you haven't received yours. Today, we're getting on the case and making our own cards. The personal touch means you can customize them to the person whom you are sending them to. You don't need much to make your own cards, but it helps if you saved last year's Christmas cards. Below are some examples of the cards we made. They aren't all there, and we've still got to make some, so I will probably update this page in the next few days.

Recycled cards

What we used:
  • coloured card
  • pretty shiny Christmas papers
  • Old Christmas cards - cut out interesting motifs from them - I find that you can't easily re-use already handmade cards, although they can still be used for making present tags.
  • snowflake hole puncher
  • ribbon
  • glue, scissors
  • glitter glue, glitter
  • sequins

Recycled cards Ju made this morning
More recycled cards

Snowflake cards

For the snowflake card at the top, I got instructions for making a snowflake from a great site, but unfortunately I didn't bookmark it (sorry!) so can't point you to it*. However, I have since found a page with patterns for making Star Wars snowflakes.... I know... My geeky friends will be getting those for Christmas. Anyway, cutting a weird pattern in a piece of paper that has been folded 6 times is a bit tricky for my 3 year old, so I did the cutting. Unfolding the paper to reveal the snowflake was quite a magical moment. We then glued the snowflake onto a card and made some snowflake holes using the hole puncher.

* [update: ...Or can't I? It turns out I had actually pinned it on my Christmas Craft Pinterest board so actually, here is this very well described tutorial on snowflakes, in case your friends aren't sci-fi geeks and you're looking for something a bit more traditional.]

For the next snowflake card, Ju cut snowflakes out using the snowflake hole puncher and glued them on to a card with some pretty paper and ribbon

Angel cards

We made these on Day 11 of our activity countdown, when we made our pretty snowy landscapes. Check out our blog entry on that day to see how we made them.

Right, and now, down to the write stuff...

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