Friday, 1 March 2013

A Morning at the Farm

The days are getting longer and brighter and we have had gloriously sunny weather in Edinburgh this week. This morning we went with our friends on a scavenger hunt to the local city farm, Gorgie City Farm. This is a mere 10 minutes walk from where we stay, so is an ideal destination when the weather is dry and sunny like today. I prepared the scavenger hunt last night and laminated the sheets to make them crinkle and  mud-proof.

On one side there were pictures of thing and animals to find and tick off:

  • tractor
  • wheelbarrow
  • lamb
  • pigeon
  • guinea pig
  • chicken
  • pig
  • duck

On the other side, there were pictures of things to collect in a transparent plastic bag:

  • stone
  • feather
  • sheep wool
  • leaf
  • straw
  • moss

You can have a look and print our scavenger hunt form here.
Ju was mostly interested in running around and getting to the play park but enjoyed collecting things for the bag. There were lambs and newborn kids (as in baby goats, less than a day old), and the usual pig, cow, horse, goat, rabbits, chicken, turkey, dog and cats.
Scavenged treasure from our farm trip
This afternoon we painted a big farm picture. I drew in black pen the animals Ju remembered seeing at the farm and he painted them using roll-on Pritt paint.
Farm picture
Then we made some daffodils to celebrate St David's day. We coloured in yellow and orange some paper cupcake cases and little chocolate paper cases. We then put yellow and orange pipe cleaners inside green straws letting about 1.5 cm stick out. We inserted the paper cases onto the straw/stem and made some felt leaves.
Paper cupcake cases daffodils

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